William Yates (memotone) is a multi-instrumentalist and producer specialising in minimal, ambient and modern classical music. More recently exploring the darker, heavy side of dance music and other popular genres. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, his
sound is made up of layered instrumentation over the top of field recordings, distant conversation, atmospheres and effects. Also showing a keen interest in sound-scape and textural experimentation.

Memotone mainly works in his home studio in Bristol, but also has a live performance to offer. His show is a captivating blend of live instrumentation including piano, analogue synthesizer, samplers (and sometimes clarinet, zither, guitar, bass and drums) running through a
mackie mixer, looped on a Boss RC-50 loop pedal with live audio effected from a Kaoss Pad 3 and various pedals and samples triggered from an MPC 1000.  When playing, William Yates is switching from instrument to instrument, from pads to keys and from pedal to pedal and sometimes all together. “There are many more restrictions in live music, especially when performing on your own but it does bring something different to the music altogether that may be lost in a studio environment. When he plays live he tries and make it so every sound you hear you can see him create or trigger (when samples are involved.) He never uses a laptop on stage and wants to
keep it that way. He thinks it's much more interesting for the crowd and as a performer that way.”

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