Alejandro Bento - Ripples


1. Heartbeat

2. Mar

3. Rain

4. Rain (Robot Koch Remix)



About this release

Ripples, the debut EP by Alejandro Bento (SP), is a collection of 3 solo piano pieces and includes a bonus remix by Robot Koch (DE). Creating a full arc of emotional intensity, the landscapes painted by his playing remind us of the places we come from and we are going to, his piano playing portraying the simplicity and innocence of the need to express.

In Alejandro's own words:
"These songs speak of origins and horizons. But most of all, they speak of love, friendship and care, of presence and joy. They speak of following the heartbeat and believing in one's self and in others."

His music is a true journey through the many realms of the heart. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The artwork was created by Alejandro's father, Oscar Bento (AR), as part of a series called Proyecto Chocolate. You can find more about him in our Visual Artists page.

You can find Ripples in our store.

Art by Oscar Bento, "Calm & Balance VII". Original artwork available upon request. Contact us.

Release Date December 12, 2016



Imposé Magazine / Stationary Travels / Unsung Sundays



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