Alejandro Bento - Ripples Remixed


1. Sweet Rain (Souns Remix)

2. Mar (LCC Remix)

3. Mar (Leeward Remix)

4. Heartbeat (Memotone Remix)

5. Mar (Axel Toben Remix)

6. Heartbeat (Memotone Regolith Remix)

7. Heartbeat (Christopher Willits Remix)


About this release

We asked some of the artists we love who we believe are dedicated to pushing the bounderies of electronic music to make their own renditions of the Ripples album by Alejandro Bento. They chose the tune they most resonated with and created very unique pieces honoring the piano yet bringing forth their own distinct sound. They were given full creative freedom in what direction they wanted to take their remix, and what they sent us was very unique and surprising, as expected by these gendre-blurring, boundary-pushing artists. We have collaborations from Memotone (UK), Christopher Willits (USA), Souns (CAN), LCC - Las Casicasiotone (SP), Leeward (DE) and Axel Toben (SP) - this last one being a rendition by Alejandro Bento himself under his electronic music alias. We really like it, hope you do too. You can get it in our store.

Art by Oscar Bento, "Pasion". Original artwork available upon request. Contact us.

Release date: February 14th, 2017



Finest Ego / A Strangely Isolated Place / Piano & Coffee



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