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Subtempo Guest Mix 003


For the past 4 years, living on a small fishing boat in a quiet Alameda island marina; bay area based Benjamin Westenburg (aka Behnibubu), immersed himself into a personal journey to reconnect with music genres and styles he had once neglected. The desire to create a mix like none other he had done before, quickly found him pulling from broad reaching artists, unique resonants, and even taking up new mediums like photography and film making. All have contributed to a mood bending journey into his life's daily soundtrack. This process has curated a deeper connection with sound, rhythm, time, and the texture and visuals they create. Collectively, the journey and this release have inspired many new-comings in the years ahead. Djing since 2006 and with this last 4 year hiatus at an end, Ben is currently preparing his ambient driven debut EP under the side project Mod.

Behnibubu Photo by Elayne Woods

About This Mix

Where was this mix recorded?
Grand Marina, Alameda CA on my boat Asilo

What are you excited about this mix that people should know?
It's like no other mix I've curated. Its a broad genre, simply mixed set of artists that I've recently discovered, known for along time, and kept on repeat for many days/weeks/even months. It's a mood bending glimpse into my life's daily soundtrack.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
More mixes. Also, working to release a series of ambient tracks where some are coupled with short films made by me...using the moniker, Mod.


  1. Jonny Greenwood - Overtones [Nonesuch]
  2. Weval - You Made It(Part I) [Kompakt]
  3. Connan Mockasin & Devonte Hynes - Feelin' Lovely [Kemado Records]
  4. David Douglas - Piano And Flute [Atomnation]
  5. Amason - Duvan [Fairfax Entertainment Group]
  6. BRONCHO - Try Me Out Sometime [BRONCHO Worldwide]
  7. Clark - Secret [Warp]
  8. Khruangbin - The No.4 [Night Time Stories]
  9. Kiasmos - Lit [Erased Tapes]
  10. Nils Frahm - For (Luke Abbott Rework) [Erased Tapes]
  11. The Acid - Ra (Weval Remix) [Mute]
  12. Flako - Sun Ba [Project Mooncircle]
  13. Sonder - Too Fast [Sonder]
  14. M83 - At the Party [?]
  15. Strehlow & Chris Siegel - This is How (Ian Ewing Remix ft. Klassik) [?]
  16. Rival Consoles - Slow Song [Erased Tapes]
  17. Peter Broderick - Eyes Closed And Traveling [1631]

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