Joaquin Vila

Joaquin Vila

Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Madrid (2004), postgraduate degree in Design and New Exhibition Formats (2008) and a grant from Unesco for the summer course of the Watermill Foundation, New York, directed by Bob Wilson (2005). 

He has developed his artistic work especially through paper drawings transposed into large scale murals, occasionally using other resources such as photography, sculpture or designing spaces.

His artistic career has been governed by the constant research involving the relationship between art and nature, emphasizing the transformation processes, the connections between city and countryside and the links between human and plants as beings.

He has painted murals and workshops about mural painting in Spain, Germany, Morocco, Colombia and Jamaica, for children, adolescents, youth with functional diversity and youth at risk of social exclusion.

Currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain, making illustrations, painting murals and teaching kids about creativity and mural painting though his workshops.


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