Regina Dejimenez

Regina Dejimenez

Artist Statement

Portraits of complexity, multiple and immediate creation. She is a woman who's intuition works out the paradoxical reality and synthesizes it geometrically from a critical vision based in her own subjectivity. Searching for the structure of a whole that comes from nothingness. Her work is multidisciplinary, yet remains what remains a constant is her interest in FiberArt and the concept of "Web-Weaving". Her interest in the traditional techniques is adopted through an artistic process that is embodied in subtlety.

In her concept as much as her practice, her work approaches the dialogue of "relational art".
She produces visual narratives that are materialized in photography, objects, sculpture and experiences.

In her most intimate vision, art is what allows her to co-habit with mystery, uncertainty and the invisible. Transforming what is artificial into something authentic.