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Welcome to our blog

A new space where you will find interviews, features, reviews and more.

It's exciting to be entering this new phase. New website, new releases, and something I've been wanting to start for a long time, our very own blog!

As someone who spends countless hours in blogs and magazines, I find good music journalism paramount to the process of discovering new artists and new music. It is many times through a review in a magazine or a podcast that I dive deeper into the artist's background, and learn more about them. There is so much good art being created at the moment that we need spaces like these to help us digest and understand the important bits.

What is it about?

This space will be introducing a long read component to the site, where guest writers as well as ourselves, will be posting regularly about multiple topics we care about. Music, of course, will be at the epicenter of it. We'll have interviews with artists, label heads, and festival curators. We'll be documenting the evolution of our artists and their creations, what they are looking to say with them and the rewards and challenges that it brings.

We will be covering select releases that we feel strongly about, writing in depth reviews and expanding on the artist's journey. But also, we'll be exploring the cultural impact of music, shows, visual art, dance, coding, future, creativity, fashion, music production, business, ethics and other topics we care about. Keep checking back in with us, we'll be posting more content as we go along. Social media is a good way to keep up with us, and so is signing up to our email list, but the best way is coming back to subtempo.com/blog.

Architechture What's the deal with all the architecture? Yeah, you guessed it, we may also be writing about that. It's a huge inspiration for us.

As with anything else on this site, we aim to present you a carefully curated space where you can inmerse yourself in and feel inspired. Hope you'll join us in this new adventure.

We welcome your feedback, share your thoughts, anytime. We do this for you, so it's always really touching to hear from you.