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Rene Lorenzo

Subtempo Guest Mix 048


Rene Lorenzo is a vinyl collector, DJ, and electronic music producer born in Madrid. He began his career in 2001 with a DJ residence in Club Merlin. During that time he played sets at parties and raves in the outskirts of Madrid. In 2004 he joined the collective Xrave, playing in private parties and events like Power Sound Festival, and clubs like Club 20, Torsion, Velada, Zer03, Maxime, Bunker, Okana, and Made, among others. In 2015 his career started to consolidate, when he established his label Cellular Memory where he began to publish his productions. Shortly after he began to collaborate with other labels like Seven Villas’ Voyage, Shimmering Moods, Askance Discs, Spitzer, and others. The passion he feels for electronic music is reflected in his productions with flavors of deep techno, ambient, and downtempo.

Hi Rene, first off thanks for doing this mix for us. It’s beautiful. It took a minute to put it together, thanks for your patience.

It has been a pleasure for me to make this set for you, I did it exclusively thinking about the label and its versatility when it comes to publishing—a small selection of electronic music pleasant to listen to.

I’d like to start by asking what tools you used to create this mix.

Vinyl-only. It is the format I'm faithful to, except for the last track which is an unreleased one of mine.

Is there a theme to this mix?

It’s simply a selection of music and artists I like and whose productions I’m inspired by.

Madrid-based Rene Lorenzo has been collecting vinyl for over 20 years.

I really enjoyed the journey through organic, textured ambient, and into dub techno. There are some surprising bits too in there! Was that Enya? [laughs]

It really is a journey that is made easy to listen to by the difference in approaches between the tracks, but there is nothing from Enya. [laughs] It’s a set with selections from some artists who are creating this type of very spatial sound. It’s enjoyable to listen to, I think.

Are these records special to you? Was this all from your vinyl collection?

Yes, they are records from my collection and they had a great impact on me at the time and continue to do so.

At the start of the year, you released the ‘Pulses & Resonances’ vinyl on Subtempo, which got a nice warm reception. Tell us a bit about what that record meant to you.

This album has been a liberation musically speaking. It has been a long journey until it has seen the light, but it has been worth it for its good reception and it continues on its path.

Personally, I’m very proud of this record, I really like how the packaging turned out, and the collaboration with Yasmin Lever who created the artwork for it.

The truth is that I am too, Yasmin did a sublime job with her design for the album, it makes a good symbiosis with the music. It’s very attractive.

Pulses and Resonances was released on Subtempo in 2024.

What are you up to these days? You’ve had a couple of releases since then.

Yes, I’ve had two releases out on two different labels, I’m always trying things out so I can publish music from different angles. I’m also going to release something on my own label soon.

Tell me about your label, Cellular Memory. Is it mostly a space for your musical output or do you also release other artist’s music?

I use my label to publish my music exclusively, the releases are quite varied. At the moment I don’t plan on publishing other artists.

For those unfamiliar with your catalog, what are 1 or 2 projects you are most proud of?

I am proud of all my work, but if I keep two it would be: Pulses & Resonances, of course, it speaks for itself, and The Chemical Attraction because of the moment of inspiration during the creation process.

You are based in Madrid, how’s the electronic music scene there?

Madrid is having a good time musically, there is a lot to choose, you just have to search. We have parties of all genres and periods.

Madrid-based DJ Rene Lorenzo is no stranger to the dancefloor.

Do you play out much?

Not currently, I’m more focused on making music, but i think I’ll be back soon. [laughs] Nowadays it has to be a performance with vinyl or the next step would be to do live shows, but I have to study well what that would be like.

You have such a wide variety of sound in your output, what kind of music do you typically play out?

Well, unlike other artists who say they don’t listen to electronic music, I do… There are new things and not-so-new things that I continue to discover today.

What’s next for you? Anything exciting we should be on the lookout for?

Something immediate will be my release on my label of a digital album called Zero Gravity, a deep journey of meditative music. The rest will see the light in due time!!

Well, it’s been a pleasure, thanks again for doing this.

It has been a pleasure for me to do this interview thanks for your interest.


  1. Brainwaltzera - take 2
  2. Oscar Mulero - Unconscious
  3. Hoavi - Antaxis
  4. Anthony Linell - The Fire Within
  5. J.S Zeiter - Untitled
  6. Ivankova - Eternal (Prelude)
  7. Tim Hecker - Collapse Sonata
  8. Valentino Mora & Ligovskoi - Regen
  9. jjos - Hallan’s Dream
  10. Viul & Benoit Pioulard - Dearth of Raveling
  11. Simone Giudice - Ricordo
  12. Thomas Koner - Nuuk (Air)
  13. Alva Noto - Aufstand
  14. Architectural - Cubismo 8.4 (Lost in Buenos Aires II)
  15. Basic Chanel - Radiance I
  16. Earth House Hold - Endless Drifts, Empty Dreams
  17. Rene Lorenzo - Fina Modulacion (Unrelased)

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