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Subtempo Radio 015

The fifteenth edition in this series. Subtempo Radio Show 015. Hosted by @rocshabda.

In this edition of the radio show, we focus on new releases from artists and labels we love. It's a fall special. In the first half of the show we focus on more downtempo and instrumental material to welcome the season and progressively we get into deeper and faster territory. New releases by Nils Frahm, Ed Carlsen, Barker, Hector Plimmer, Lapalux and many more.

Available on Soundcloud, Mixcloud as well as a Podcast via iTunes or via Spotify.


  1. Meitei - Nami [Métreon]
  2. Carmen Villain - Impossible colour [Smalltown Supersound]
  3. Lambert - The Stream [Mercury KX]
  4. Ed Carlsen - The Gallery [Moderna]
  5. Nils Frahm - All Armed [Erased Tapes]
  6. Bendik Giske - Adjust [Smalltown Supersound]
  7. Telefon Tel Aviv - Standing at the bottom of the ocean [Ghostly]
  8. Somni - grown into you [FOF]
  9. Afriqua - Zenith or Tema [R&S]
  10. Hector Plimmer - Somebody Else (feat. Andrew Ashong) [Albert's Favorites]
  11. Seb Wildblood, Buddy Love - Ghostie [AMT]
  12. Barker - Paradise Engineering [Ostgut Ton]
  13. Topdown dialectic - B4 [Peak Oil]
  14. Ondo Fudd - Eyes Glide Through the oxide [The Trilogy Tapes]
  15. O’Flynn - Painted Wolf [Silver Bear Recordings]
  16. Move D - Building bridges [!K7 / AUS Music]
  17. Ras G and the African space program - push it along [Akashik]
  18. Pølaroit - Firøye [Stil von Talent]
  19. Moomin - Time circle [closer]
  20. Lapalux - Earth [Brainfeeder]
  21. Lone - How can you tell [Ancient Astronauts]
  22. Plaid - Maru [Warp]
  23. Modeselektor - WMF love song [Monkeytown]
  24. Crypticz, Amy Kisnorbo - Chrysalis [Cosmic Bridge]
  25. Barker - Gradients of Bliss [Ostgut Ton]

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