Souns - Aquamarine



  1. Echos in the forest (part 2)
  2. Fade to light
  3. To light
  4. Sun inside the sun
  5. To sleep
  6. Untouched
  7. Echos and shadows
  8. Open face sun
  9. The sound

About Aquamarine


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Aquamarine is the debut album by Souns, an ambient project by the well recognized Vancouver-based producer and dj Michael Red. With Souns, Red explores themes that are reflective of the natural world, the unseen world, outer space, and transcendence. Performances are largely intuitive and improvised, sometimes guided. The audio is an immersive world of deep sonic output, lucid introspection, and seemingly endless layers of sound. Typically there are no "drums" in Souns material, though there might be a detectable pulse. As heard on the first album track “Untouched," Aquamarine leaves an unmistakable mark on the listener, reverberating in the mind long after listening.

As Souns, Michael has released numerous EP's and singles, made notable solo performances (Ambient Ping, Vancouver Art Gallery, VNM Festival, Bass Coast Festival, PGNB Festival headliner, Signal & Noise Festival finale), and has collaborated with a varied list of performers on the live front including Loscil, DJ Olive, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Rachel Iwaasa, Mei Han, and others. Red himself, in addition to making more dancefloor oriented material under his own name, is head of the Low Indigo music label, one half of the experimental dub duo Chambers, curator for New Forms Festival, and has been covered by the likes of The Wire, XLR8R, Resident Advisor, and others. 

Cover Artwork by Yasmin Lever. Limited edition & signed prints available here.

Release Date: December 8, 2017.

Limited edition edition softpack CDs are available via our Bandcamp Store.


Mastering - Joshua Stevenson @ Otic Sound
Artwork - Yasmin Lever


Resident Advisor / Ravelin Magazine / Vancouver Sun / Northern Transmissions / Exclaim!

Check out the video directed by Vasho Pekar with"Open Face Sun" by Souns as the music.