Matt Robertson - Enveleau Remixes (Side B)

Matt Robertson

Enveleau Remixes – Side B

  1. Syntropic (Sea Thunder Remix)
  2. Syntropic (Hinako Omori Remix)
  3. Enveleau (Oora Remix)
  4. Enoughness (Firewood Poetry Remix)
  5. Enveleau (Sievi Remix)

About Enveleau Remixes — Side B


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The second installment in a 2-part series, Enveleau Remixes (Side B) is an ambient-oriented EP featuring remixes by four artists greatly respected by Matt Robertson, as well as a remix by him under a new moniker, Sea Thunder. Hand-picked by Matt Robertson, this EP features the incredible experimental artist Hinako Omori, who's had releases on labels such as Houndstooth and Injazero, Oora, whose incredible channel is full of daily analog goodness, singer Firewood Poetry bringing the vocal touch, and lastly, Canadian downtempo producer Sievi, tieing it with a bow.

Release Date: March 4th, 2021.


Mastering by Matt Robertson.
Cover art by Rocco Tyndale.