Rene Lorenzo - Pulses & Resonaces

Rene Lorenzo

Pulses & Resonances

  1. Act
  2. Code Red
  3. Accept
  4. Beauty Cycles
  5. One Dollar
  6. Ring Tones
  7. O.G.
  8. Adapt

About Pulses & Resonances


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Pulses and Resonances is Rene Lorenzo’s debut album on Subtempo. This album represents a culmination of more than 20 years of electronic music exposure as a DJ and a clear point of view. We can hear influences of broken beat, techno, drum & bass, all through the unique lens that Rene brings to the table, deeply steeped in ambient, deep techno and downtempo. Even though this isn’t a dance record, it’s filled with energy and drive. It is an out-of-the-ordinary album, with intricate shifts and turns with well-crafted kick drums, round bass lines and enveloping subs. A record filled with warm sounds, head-nodding rhythms, and rich textured spaces. It’s all woven into an easy-listening experience, without demanding the listener’s full attention, but creating a landscape that is unique and varied throughout. We can hear references to artists like Boards of Canada, Jan Jenilek, Synkro and the like.

“In this record, every track has a different pulse or rhythm, and I use different resonators in the sound design process to achieve these tones. I started by leaving the space open with the ambient pads and hardly any rhythm, and I’d let myself be carried away by my sense of rhythm slowly building the compositions. I am obsessive with audio processing and I almost never leave a sound in its initial form. I like to add some subtle effect that sounds like something different and give new sounds to the elements I use.” – Rene Lorenzo

Release Date: February 2nd, 2024.

Limited edition edition vinyl is available via our Bandcamp Store.


All music written, performed & recorded by Rene Lorenzo in Madrid, Spain.
Mastering by Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae Studios, FR.
Artwork by Yasmin Lever. Design by Rocco Tyndale.