Cameron Brooks - Vicissitude

Cameron Brooks


  1. Vicissitude
  2. To Glimpse
  3. Hope
  4. Final Solace

About Vicissitude


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Vicissitude is a collection of 4 instrumental pieces (piano, viola, violin and cello), featuring original compositions by Cameron Brooks , a young composer from the UK. The piano acts as the anchor throughout this EP, most pieces first started there as pure improvisations and developed in complexity over time. Cameron had always dreamed of creating an album that involved his favourite instrument, piano, and strings. He invited a few collaborators to play the parts and once they began to record the pieces, they worked on things like dynamics, bowing techniques and timing together, just experimenting and seeing what worked. In Cameron’s own words “I wrote the individual parts with (the musicians who’d play) them in mind. I had always wanted to compose my own pieces and then hear them played and recorded by live string players – it brought them to life in a way I couldn’t have imagined.” There are two pieces with strings arrangements To Glimpse and Hope, and two solo piano pieces Vicissitude, which the EP is named after, and the last piece, Final Solace which was recorded at Cameron’s grandparents’ home piano. It was recorded on his Grandfather’s 90th birthday, so it brings back fond memories of visiting both his grandparents and of celebration, as well as being his favourite piano to play.

Vicissitude, the title of the EP, is the main idea behind this record: change and unforeseen circumstances, it speaks to the passage from darkness into the light and the ongoing journey to get there. The music was born from a dark place and the compositions and the instruments brought light to a much needed time of personal struggle. The result is a deep and piercing emotive sound - Music Heals. Hear it for yourself.


Violin - Louise Amanda Paine
Viola - Jack Jordan
Cello - Kristina Zubrickaitė
Recording and session engineer - Jamie Farnell
Mastering - Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae Studios
Artwork - Ben Brooks


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