We Beat A Different Drum


We Beat A Different Drum

  1. Souns - Second Story
  2. Thomas Ragsdale - Maptia
  3. Alex Steward - The Future Still Radiates
  4. Anything Pointless - Gluon
  5. Noi - Apologies
  6. Axel Toben - Flow
  7. Menion - Be at the morning
  8. Hanegi Koen feat. SL Jung - Lost Tracks
  9. Giadar - Christmas Children Laughs
  10. Kuma - Bibliomancy (Kuma's Axum Cafe Edit)

About We Beat A Different Drum


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To celebrate 5 years of Subtempo, we've put together a compilation of up-and-coming talent, some veterans like Axel Toben, Souns, or Hanegi Koen, as well as new friends of the label. A perfect tempo for this time of the year, a gift from us to you.

Morgane VanTorre x Subtempo capsule — 5 years

We teamed up with type designer Morgane VanTorre @gagane_to develop a unique commemorative tote bag. Limited edition of 50 units. 270 gsm (8oz) cotton canvas, sustainably sourced.

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All proceeds will be donated to Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a non-profit based in SF with a focus on community, education, visual art, and technology.

Release Date: December 25th, 2021.


Mastering by Vince Villuis @ Ultimae Studios, FR.
Cover type designer by Morgane VanTorre.