Hanegi Koen - Well Worth A Visit

Hanegi Koen

Well Worth A Visit

  1. Polaris
  2. Susukino
  3. Serpent
  4. Soft High

About Well Worth A Visit


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Well Worth A Visit is the debut EP by Hanegi Koen, a creative duo of British filmmaker Sam King and Canadian label head Sean Mallion (ADSR Collective). They take their name from the park located near their homes, in Tokyo, Japan. From the start this EP was inspired by their surroundings in Setagaya, forays into nature and all the weird and wonderful sights and sounds that you inevitably encounter around Japan, represented in the form of abstract field recordings. Self-produced, all of the tracks were written in Sam’s loft space, and recorded at their home studio. Mixed by Japanese producer Aoki Takamasa, the EP sums up the duo’s first year as a band.

From the start, the two committed to a simple and spontaneous live approach to writing music, opting for analog synths and drum machines instead of laptops and digital effects. The result is a sonically rich landscape of delay drenched melodies and sun tinged psychedelia made to compliment any Sunday outing to your local greenspace.

Debut single Polaris was one of the first tracks the band made together - opening with the hum of insects from the post-typhoon sounds of the park, the track perfectly sums up the park’s gentle atmosphere. The accompanying video was recorded on an old hi-8 camcorder, setting the scene and introducing both the park and the band at the same time. The analog look of the video and old VHS tape aesthetic, are paying homage to the nature of the band’s writing process, as well as the nostalgic yet euphoric style of their music, as both expats write from their home away from home.

Cover Artwork by Laine Butler.

Release Date: April 4, 2021.

Limited edition vinyl is available via our Bandcamp Store.


All music written, performed & recorded by Sam King & Sean Mallion.
Mixed by Aoki Takamasa. Mastering by Shaun Hatfield.
Artwork by Laine Butler. Art Direction by Rocco Tyndale.