Yasmin Lever

Yasmin Lever

Yasmin Lever is an Illustration Artist and Designer based in Derbyshire, UK.

Specialising in record sleeve design, graphics and installations, she has completed works for Apollo Records, Bering Strait Archives, Leeds Light Night, Soup Kitchen and West Wolf. Most known for her sleeve designs for electronic producer Synkro.

She has collaborated with designers and animators such as BRUX, DOSED, Richard Robinson and Lines + Light.

Her earlier style blended traditional Japanese artwork with Art Nouveau, progressing latterly to a more minimalistic approach which focuses on the relationship between line, shape and space as can be seen in her most recent work for Souns debut album Aquamarine.

Her work on Subtempo includes the artwork for Souns - Aquamarine, and the various singles.
You can find limited edition & signed prints in her etsy shop.


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