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Lorenz Weber

Subtempo Guest Mix 034


Lorenz Weber is a pianist, wanderer and poet. In his creative work he is mainly concerned with stillness, hope and loneliness. His music, photography and poems should be the bearer of longing, like the dreams of our nights, like the rivers, seas, moving clouds and storms.

Hi Lorenz, first of all, thanks for doing this mix for us.

Hi, thanks very much.

I’d like to start by asking what tools did you use to create this mix.

Well, that is a question I feel hesitant to answer, although I understand the interest. You see, if a magician would reveal the mechanic of the performance, the experience would lose its fascination. But I can say that I have only used digital audio and that two artists, in particular, have inspired the atmosphere and intention of this mix. On the one hand "pull of the past" which impresses me every time with its fine and quiet music. On the other hand, Melissa Pons, where I dive into other worlds due to her very detailed field recordings.

Wadden Sea in Northern Germany, the Nordic coast is Lorenz's greatest inspiration. Photo by Lorenz Weber.

Tell me about the theme behind this mix.

What guided my exploration in this mix was the wish to create a condition in which someone can simply listen and let the body rest. We are so preoccupied with what lies ahead, going from one place to the next, that we forget that our body carries us and accompanies us through our life.

With this mix, I give the listener the opportunity to lie down for a few minutes, close the eyes, perceive the individual tones and the wide atmosphere. In this silence, I want to invite you to devote yourself to your body. To let him rest, to listen to him, to thank him for what he does for you every day, protecting you, keeping you healthy, carrying and supporting you throughout your entire life, processing your experiences and memories, and storing your knowledge. In the silence the world as we know it disappears. It is the deep calm in our bodies that enables us to sense who we are and what we want in life.

Is this something that you explore in your own compositions too?

Stillness fascinates me in every way. This is also the case in my compositions. It has become a rare commodity in this world. And it is something that is worth protecting because it is so important for people, animals, and nature. It's something that ultimately keeps us alive. Too much noise and restlessness make us sick and dissatisfied. To practice stillness is becoming more aware of yourself in this world. You will notice yourself better as you interact with those around you. You will notice yourself adding to or subtracting from relationships. You begin to take responsibility for the experiences in your life and creating it proactively. And, most importantly, silence enables us to listen to our own heartbeat and that of the world. Nature is the most inspiring source for my work in every way. Unfortunately, at the moment, she suffers a lot from people's lack of prudence. For this reason, I donate 50% of my earnings to environmental organizations.

"In the vastness of the Wadden Sea I become very calm, ideas arise and creativity can blossom." Photo by Lorenz Weber.

I checked your website and Soundcloud and I saw a theme of “sounding stillness”. What does this mean to you?

I asked myself how it is possible for modern humans to find stillness. I had the feeling that it is very difficult in the flow of the day to just lie down for a moment and do nothing. The idea in "sounding stillness" was, that the pieces contain minimal tones so that a space of silence arises between the tones while listening. This enables the listener to immerse into stillness for a few minutes, even in noisy everyday life. So it wants to invite and encourage people to take the time to practice stillness on one hand and on the other to make it easier for people to rest, which is not self-evident.

Your music has a very journey-like quality to it. Have you ever worked with film as a composer or otherwise?

Yes, that's something I discovered for myself this year. I had the honor of doing the film music for the 8mm short film "あ な た は そ こ で な ん て 言 っ た の? - What is it that you said?" by Shun Ikezoe. It was a great experience to resonate with moving pictures and to let these pictures speak through me on the piano. Then watching the audio merge with the image was amazing. This short film was shown at a festival in New York and Mexico City.

I was recently contacted by a young Polish filmmaker. She asked me if I could do the score for a short film on the subject of "Dissociation". The idea on the subject was inspired by the Japanese dance-theater form "Butoh". That was an exciting coincidence because I dance Butoh myself and therefore have a strong connection to this topic. I'm really looking forward to this cooperation.

The photos taken with an analog camera Canon AE-1. Photo by Lorenz Weber.

What would the ideal setting to listen to your music be?

Whenever a quiet atmosphere is sought - alone or with others.

Is it true you will be releasing next on Piano and Coffee Records?

Yes, that's right. In two long improvisations, I have explored the ray of hope in winter and summer. It's about the importance of the sun in freezing winter and the rain in hot summer. But I don't want to reveal too much - you'll hear that soon.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Sergio Diaz de Rojas, P&C founder, he did a mix for us. How did the two of you meet?

I'm a big fan of many P&C releases. A few months ago the label Minui released something from me. After that, I felt inspired to do several collaborations and really wanted to put my silent music in a new public light. I wrote to Sergio and we quickly got along well.

He’s a great guy, he’s been a supporter from the start. Anything else in the works that we should keep an eye out for in the coming future?

Yes, a little something. Right now I'm doing music for a contemporary dance project in Leipzig, Germany. And I am a part of the contemporary dance film project „flowers of burden“. Filming for the first of four parts was completed last week. I'll be producing the audios for that soon. And last but not least, I am also working on a new album.

Excellent. Well, thanks again for doing this mix for us.

It was my pleasure.


  1. The Pull Of The Past - Everyone's Carrying on as if its always going to carry on [self-released]
  2. Carlo Giustini - Gli Spiriti Della Marca [VAAGNER]
  3. Nebel Lang – against a wall [self-released]
  4. Mellisa Pons – Gardunha / Minho / Regoufe [self-released]
  5. Ian Hawgood – Fractural [Home Normal]
  6. Marsen Jules Trio - Œillet Sauvage [Oktaf]
  7. Maiya Hershey & Steve Jansen -Vertical Sleep [self-released]
  8. The Humble Bee - I am sorry I trespassed in your heart [dauw]
  9. The Humble Bee - Off station, at little afternoon, amidst the saltwater marsh [dauw]
  10. Offthesky & The Humble Bee - hum in the heart of a dreaming [laaps]
  11. Klangriket – Tjärn [piano and coffee records]

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