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Subtempo Guest Mix 006


Pratha has been around the block for some time now. With his early productions based in the minimal techno and trance days under his project Glitcher, having released with various labels and making an impression in the spanish and international scenes, he has been taking some time to focus on other areas of his craft. A tatoo artist by day, for almost 20 years, this multifaceted artit is now deeply focused in the lab with a new sculpture project that will be unveiled soon, when it is ready. A very good friend of the label founder and a major influence in the early days of music exploration, a long time music ally, it made sense for to invite him to curate a mix for Subtempo. Departing from his harder edge from his past productions, he prepared a heart centered, progressive and deep house journey.

Pratha Tattoo These are some of Pratha's tatoo pieces.

About This Mix

Where was this mix recorded?
The mix was recorded at my home studio in the island of Mallorca, Spain.

What are you excited about this mix that people should know?
Excited about the summer sounds starting to happen, you can hear them in this mix.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
In the near future i have a sculpture project going on, playing arround with wood and molten metals.


  1. Christopher Schwarzwalder- Barely Legal (Original Mix) [Laut & Luise]
  2. Mira & Christopher Schwarzwalder - Bedâh (Original Mix) [Katermukke]
  3. Lily Madeleine Jurkiewicz - Maybe (Rico Puestel Bootleg)
  4. Jonas Saalbach - Ancient Lake feat. Paul Klatt (Sébastien Léger Remix) [Einmusika Recordings]
  5. Slavaki - Walking In The Snow (Korablove Remix) [Elusive]
  6. Soukie & Windish - Trewlany (Original Mix) [Time Has Changed Records]
  7. Christopher Schwarzwalder - Hurts [Katermuke]
  8. Soukie Windish - Small (feat Rayo original mix) [Hamburg Elektronisch]
  9. Cosmic Cowboys - Velvet [dig dis! series]
  10. Slavaki - untitled [Elusive]

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