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Roberto Vilas

Subtempo Guest Mix 010


German by birth, at an early age he moved his residence to southern Spain, where in the early nineties he developed an interest in captivating electronic music. He started playing for different clubs in the area and later went on to create his own company dedicated to promoting events throughout the spanish geography. From 2000 to 2004 he moved to Barcelona where he studied musical production and began creating his own beats. In late 2007 his first solo project began to take shape and Simplex Records began to publish his work. Less than a year later Roberto already published tracks with different labels with a sound that points to the dancefloor with a touch of modern techno, microhouse and synthetic sounds. His dance productions have had an impact from the very start, with his first single via Simplex “Minutte” ranking in the top 100 sales beatport. His latest production will be released by in NYC. His sets are geared to the dancefloor with an approach to djing full of elegance and craftsmanship. In 2008 his most acclaimed work “La Petite Mort” made it into wax and got great reviews. Nowadays he is preparing his next release from his studio in the forest.

Roberto Vilas Roberto Vilas playing live at an undisclosed party, surely shaking the dancefloor.

About This Mix

Where was this mix recorded?
In my studio in Cordoba, Spain.

What are you excited about this mix that people should know?
In this set I wanted to explore the different styles that are inspiring me in my work right now. It's a session from less to more, where warm and dance oriented sounds come together. You can also hear some sneak-peaks of my upcoming next releases.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
At the moment, I’m producing new songs from my studio in the Cordoba forest.


  1. BONDI - Siel Fiction [Bar 25 Music]
  2. Catchymunki- Soul Walking [Yoruba Grooves]
  3. Anja Schneider - Vibration [Watergate]
  4. Roberto Vilas - Insomnio [Unreleased]
  5. Rodriguez Jr. - 1PM Sunrise [Watergate]
  6. Justus Kohncke - Timecode (Edit). [Kompakt]
  7. Max Cooper - Organa [Mesh]
  8. Akken - Rising [Plano B]
  9. Mondkrater - Sphere [Klangwelt]
  10. Dave Nash - Raw Walk (Doyeq Remix). [Highway]
  11. Andre Lodemann - Birth (Adriatique Remix). [Best Works]
  12. Roberto Vilas - La Petite Mort (Touane Remix). [Simplex]
  13. Tiefschwarz - North [Souvenir]
  14. Forriner - Goodnight (Shit Robot Remix) [Me Me Me]
  15. Third Son - Refuge [Traum]
  16. Ryan Davis - Kope - (Luis Junior Remix) [Klangwelt]
  17. Tale Of Us - Monument (Stephan Bodzin Remix) [Afterlife]
  18. Mind Against, Tale Of Us - Astral [Afterlife]
  19. Trevino - Backtracking (Schatrax Remix) [The Nothing Special]
  20. Marc De Pulse - Westbalkon (Alex Q Remix Instrumental) [Yippiee]
  21. We Are All Astronauts - Unsaid [Klangwelt]

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