Archan Schulz & Léo Booka Music / Guest Mix / Dj Set

Archan Schulz & Léo Booka

Subtempo Guest Mix 001


Fusion of German and UK origins, born in the 70s, raised in the 80s, never left the 90s, currently residing in Spain. Together they have spent 20 years immersed in electronic music, principally techno and its branching sub genres.

We are very proud to announce the first mix of this series, and what an amazing way to start! An all vinyl set by two of our favorite DJs and friends Léo Booka and Archan Schulz. Together, they create something bigger than themselves, a third force, which over the years has had many incarnations and names and at present form part of the M.I.hifi collective alongside Hamburg based Dj and artist Benji Kaharwa. What is sure is that these two friends, who have known each other for more than 20 years have always journeyed together with music. Their solo DJ careers have taken them around the globe playing in numerous countries such as Japan, China, India, Germany, Holland, Italy, Hungary, UK, Spain/Ibiza, in a journey that spans more than 20 years, from large scale festivals to clubs and warehouses or more intimate gatherings in front of all kinds of crowds and a wide variety of music, from their early days in techno/trance to the more psychedelic and progressive sounds, exploring minimal, house and even ambient/dub and electronica but seemingly throughout all these sounds carrying a hypnotic even shamanistic essence thats core lies in techno.

For us, this mix symbolizes the start, while pointing to our roots, where we come from, musically speaking. Techno is to electronic music what african drumming is to music. All electronic music has it's roots in techno, and while nowadays we are enjoying a plethora of genres and a wide cross polination and subgenres, techno remains at the heart of it all, and Archan and Leo know this. They have been mentors for us, and one way or another guided the discovery and relationship to electronic music for us. They really connect to music like it's a sacred thing, somehow a piece of their soul and they take care of their selections from that standpoint, which makes it all that more special. While we as a label won't be focusing on releasing techno, we love it, and it's part of our history, individually speaking as well as on a collective level. So we want to take this moment to thank Archan and Léo for taking us back to our roots and thank them for their contribution. We hope that you enjoy the journey. It's all vinyl with no particular preparation allowing the magic of spontaneity to unfold. Find the tracklist below and dig in.



  1. Intro - Blueberry - The beast within [BMG France]
  2. Leo Anibaldi - Always from reality (Marcus Henricksson variation) [Cannibald]
  3. Milton Bradley - The unheard voice from outerspace [Prologue]
  4. Uncode - A light in the dark [Affekt]
  5. Reggy Van Oers - Pristine (Claudio PRC remix) [Affin]
  6. Kalawila - Ensam Kamphund Tog Pandeltaget [Mountain Explosion Device]
  7. Reggy Van Oers - Shunned (Deepbass remix) [Affin]
  8. Dusty Kid - Exit 12 (Claudio PRC rework) [Isolade]
  9. PVNV - Intrasolaar [Taapion]
  10. Function - Descending [Sandwell District]
  11. Pfirter - New state of consciousness [Mindtrip Music]
  12. Function - Gradient II [Ostgut Ton]
  13. Judas - Insight A1 [Judas]
  14. Gotzkowsky - Shoulder of Orion [Dystopian]
  15. Distant Echoes - False Prophet [Dystopian]
  16. Artefakt - The final theory [Field]
  17. Distant Echoes - Desolated society [Dystopian]
  18. Lachriz - Truthery (Marco Zenker remix) [Out-Er]


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