Axel Toben - Orbit

Axel Toben


  1. Aligned
  2. Birth
  3. Esperanza
  4. Jurassic Paradise
  5. Planets
  6. Mermaids
  7. Orbit
  8. Care
  9. Flight
  10. Albatros
  11. End Of The Grid
  12. Blue

About Orbit


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‘Orbit’ is Axel Toben's debut album. A natural progression from his previous composer work as Alejandro Bento on his ‘Ripples’ EP (which got remixed by the likes of Robot Koch, Memotone, Christopher Willits, and more) and his 2019 electronica-infused EP titled ‘Phonosynthesis’ written under this new moniker. ‘Orbit’ bridges his electronic and acoustic worlds into one.

These pieces breathe beauty, maturity, and the hypnotic and repetitive approach that Toben’s music has become synonymous to. The piano is the guiding principle of this album, creating a very emotionally moving journey. This time new instruments, synths, textures, and pads accompany the songs giving his signature cinematic sound a new approach, richer, deeper than his previous work. Polyrhythms, syncopation, and multiple melodic voices add to the reflective yet at times startling nature of this album.

‘Orbit’ was created during quarantine in its entirety. It’s perhaps these circumstances that prompted Axel Toben’s creativity, or as he puts it “not being able to leave home and the thought of moving at great speed, in orbit... the mystery of these scientific concepts and our current circumstances are as mysterious as life itself”. The juxtaposition of these ideas, the reduced movement forced by the confinement while our planet continues to orbit the Sun at a massive speed; the speed at how ideas spread during this information age, made possible by satellites orbiting the Earth, are some of the concepts that brought this album to life. It’s especially noticeable in the changing rhythms, melodic arrangements, and tempo heard in this new body of work. ‘Orbit’ is, therefore, Axel Toben’s signpost, during a time of greater unknowns than our generation has ever known, and the destabilizing nature of the current events, his message seems to read, it’s going to be ok, it’s all about the journey, and there is hope.

Release Date June 19, 2020


Mastering - Vincent Villius @ Ultimae Studios
Design - Rocco Tyndale


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