Axel Toben - Phonosynthesis

Axel Toben


  1. Unique One
  2. Harm
  3. Faith Save
  4. Ionized
  5. Amapolar

About Phonosynthesis


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Phonosynthesis is Axel Toben's debut on Subtempo. A well crafted 5 song EP, Phonosynthesis is rooted in the clarity and simplicity of techno, while carrying throughout a wide range of melodic elements that transport the listener to Toben’s world of passionate and bold expression. With intentional lo-fi drum elements, rich analog synthesizers, melodic piano and guitar elements, the music is not easily pinned to a specific genre, but rather denote the clarity of Toben’s ideas throughout, keeping it interesting, diverse and unique. The 116 bpm the record maintains in all the tunes, makes it equally effective as a dancefloor starter as well as for home listening.

Release Date October 11, 2019


Mastering - Vincent Villius @ Ultimae Studios
Artwork - Opalova Artslab
Design - Rocco Tyndale