Adam Kroll - Planet Plankton

Adam Kroll

Planet Plankton

  1. Fish Tank
  2. Tune Fish
  3. Ja Hey Crab
  4. MeShell
  5. Orgatronic
  6. In Love with Flora (feat. Noi)

About Planet Plankton


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A veteran electronic pioneer, with previous releases on labels such as Traum, Cocoon, and heralding international acclaim from the likes of Sven Vath, Adam Kroll returns with ‘Planet Plankton’, an abstract ambient and textural collection, reminiscent of the experimental sound of Pole or Deadbeat at times. Borrowing from his early years of minimal techno productions as well as dub explorations from his time in Kingston, Jamaica, this beatless EP is sure to delight music heads worldwide.

In Adam's words: “Planet Plankton started with a documentary on Arte TV about hydroponic underwater sound recording. Those guys had this special technology to record the sounds that fish make. They speak to each other! These sounds are exactly the same sounds that you can find in nearly every one of my songs."

We hope you enjoy this ode to life underwater.

Release Date: December 18, 2020.


All music written, performed & recorded by Adam Kroll, except In Love with Flora, which features Amadeo Inglese as Noi. Mixed and mastered by Adam Kroll.
Cover Photography by Adam Kroll. Art Direction by Rocco Tyndale.