Umber - Sometimes that light, that shine, seemed like a pretty nice thing


Sometimes That Light, That Shine, Seemed Like a Pretty Nice Thing

  1. Glisten
  2. Hologram Shut Stability
  3. When The West With Evening Glows
  4. Sanctuary
  5. It Is Going To Be OK
  6. Sun Hourse Chant
  7. In Exploding Colour
  8. The Last Perfect Day

About Sometimes That Light, That Shine, Seemed Like a Pretty Nice Thing


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Wistful, quietly positive, and a little bit melancholic; ambient artist Umber is set to release kaleidoscopic new album ‘Sometimes that light, that shine, seemed like a pretty nice thing’ on 17th March 2023. Focused on melodies that engage the heart as much as the mind, the album brings his electronic influences to the fore, combining shimmering soundscapes with a throbbing pulse of movement.

Umber, the project of Nottingham based Alex Steward, has been steadily releasing sublime music since 2011. Living in a small town provides Alex with a balance between the peace of rolling green fields and the energy of community. This life on the edge of the countryside comes across in his music, which finds the verve of night life enveloped in organic textures and environments.

Alex draws from his experience as a part time palliative care giver, which has had a significant impact on this record. He says, “Through caring for elderly patients, whose time is in short supply, I have discovered that life needs to be celebrated. Even if it’s just playing a game of Scrabble or the way that the shadows of trees dance on a living room wall on a sunny day; there is beauty everywhere. Sometimes we just need to slow down and look a little harder.”

The evocative track titles stem from phrases Alex has heard or read, with the album’s title taken from Stephen King’s book The Shining. They range from the literal (‘It Is Going To Be Ok’, ‘The Last Perfect Day’) to the oblique (‘Hologram Shut Stability’, ‘Sun House Chant’), bestowing the everydayness of fleeting inputs and thought processes to more conscious mantras.

“I feel that my music taps into a part of who we all are”, says Alex. “I try to create music that will emotionally resonate with the listener. Ultimately the album is about finding hope in the smallest actions, something that can often be overlooked or discarded in a world that doesn’t always make a lot of sense.”

Release Date: March 17, 2023.

Limited edition edition vinyl is available via our Bandcamp Store.


Written, produced & mixed by Alex Steward.
Mastered graciously by Vincent Villuis @ Ultimae, FR.
Design and layout by Cameron Steward.
Cover photo by Luke Fisher. 'Loose Time' stanza by Tom Branfoot © 2021 excerpted with permission from Pariah Press.