Adam Kroll - Mutants

Adam Kroll


  1. Dark Phoenix
  2. Nicodemus Pulse
  3. Good Bye Garbha-Hsien
  4. Neo
  5. Euphoria Bloom
  6. Homo Superior
  7. Good Bye Garbha-Hsien (JoergMueller Remix)
  8. Good Bye Garbha-Hsien (Zzzzra Remix)

About Mutants


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Following his Planet Plankton EP released last year on Subtempo, and with previous releases on labels like Traum or Cocoon, the veteran electronic pioneer Adam Kroll returns with this masterpiece in rhythm. Relying heavily on the sound design process and experimental approach that Adam employed on the previous record, this new album sees him soaring to new heights, through a clear pace and structure. We can hear clear influences from artists like Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus, Rhythm and Sound, Basic Channel, Deadbeat, Pole, and more.

The Cologne-based, Polish-born musician, is no stranger to dub. From his initial drumming days in reggae bands to his early releases which focused heavily on dub & reggae, including collaborations with reggae singers such as Anthony Diamond, Daddy John, Philipp Crucial, his work has taken him all the way to the motherland, Jamaica. In 2017 he set out on a journey to the island with his recording equipment and his camera – Adam is an avid photographer as well. This resulted in some amazing records and documentation in the form of photos and video. All this history primed him to deliver this expansive and intricate new dub release. He also enlisted Zzzzra and JoergMueller, two frequent collaborators and well-known artists in the genre, for some stellar remixes. Dive into Kroll’s new chapter in textural ambiance, supported by some driving laid-back beats, with the depth, bass, and space, that only a man with this level of expertise can attain.

“Mutant’s heads are like divided, so this album is about this momentary situation out here on planet earth… Too many mutant people with divided minds mutating on and on... So this EP is about mutating dubs too...” – Adam Kroll

Release Date: June 11th, 2021.


All music written, performed & recorded by Adam Kroll.
Mixed & Mastered by Adam Kroll.
Photography by Adam Kroll.