Fluctuate - Storms Await Us All


Storms Await Us All

  1. Shore
  2. Storms Await Us All
  3. Harbored
  4. On and On

About Storms Await Us All


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Storms Await Us All is Fluctuate’s debut EP on Subtempo. A four track EP that elegantly touches ambient, electronica and techno, all with the characteristic sound Cameron Brooks has become best known for: reflective, beautiful and deep. Piano and clarinet drive the melodic elements of the record forward, and paired with his impressive electronic production technique, leaves no room to doubt the debut by this young composer arrives making a strong statement. His music is original, full of intricacies and able to hit the core of the listener anywhere from the intimacy of headphone listening to the center of the dancefloor.

When asked about the title ‘Storms Await Us All’ Fluctuate had this to say about it:
“It’s about overcoming struggles and how that changes you as a person. It relates to and explores some quotes by Haruki Murakami: ‘When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in’ - delving into these metaphors and expressing what they mean to me throughout the music. There is also a lot of water imagery in this project, beginning with binaural recordings walking along the seafront and through the tracks titled ‘Shore’ and ‘Harbored’, and it is also partially inspired by a lot of Alaskan Tapes titles that make you reflect such as ‘We all speak in poems’.”


Composer - Cameron Brooks
Mastering - Taylor Dupree @ 12K
Artwork - Ben Brooks


ADSR Collective / Rural Sounds / Headphone Commute