Cameron Brooks


Fluctuate is the electronic music project by multi-instrumentalist composer Cameron Brooks. Born in Gloucester, UK, and playing piano from early childhood, he started producing electronic music at age 17, which lead him to take on a Creative Music Technology degree at Falmouth University. The formal studies and the college environment sparked a number of very interesting collaborations and explorations of his more modern classical sound released on Subtempo last year under his given name. This year gives rise to his new project: Fluctuate.

Fluctuate is a sonic exploration taking modern classical influences into an electronic context, creating nostalgic and bittersweet electronic music. This project is born out of a need for a new moniker to allow Cameron’s music to evolve and fluctuate as he grows and changes – a project to return to his love of electronic music, one that can serve as an expression of the different emotional states that aren’t otherwise accessible through his modern classical work. As we all know, electronic music reaches places that other music simply can’t. This is the first of a series of EP’s and remixes, so stay tuned for new material coming next year from Fluctuate.


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