V/A - Phonosynthesis Remixed


Phonosynthesis Remixed

  1. Unique One (Axel Toben remix)
  2. Harm (Thomas Ragsdale remix)
  3. Harm (Dalus remix)
  4. Ionized (Fluctuate remix)
  5. Unique One (NUPOKE remix)
  6. Ionized (Leeward remix)
  7. Faith Save (Soulart remix)

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Following Axel Toben's debut EP under his new alias late last year, Phonosynthesis, which gained international attention, Phonosynthesis Remixed enlists friends of the label to re-render the iconic and experimental pieces. Fitting somewhere between techno, breaks and downtempo, with an experimental and lo-fi touch among them, each of them adds a unique flavor to the unique world of Toben.

The EP opens with a long-form rework by Axel Toben himself, of his best-received piece in the previous record, Unique One. This slowed down edit, reminiscent of downtempo genius Gidge, maintains the unmistakable melodic touch of Alejandro Bento himself.

Next, we move onto a piece by Thomas Ragsdale, the soundtrack and music for ad expert, who, as part of Domino Publishing's exclusive and prestigious composer roster has provided music for advertisements for BMW, Prada, and Twitter as well as worked on various BBC documentaries. Using Harm as his starting point, he created a deep track that fundamentally brings the tune into a whole new techno territory, with a lovely thread of an acid line driving the fundamentals here, mixing effortlessly with the bassline and driving beats.

Dalus, a new project by Subtempo’s founder, transforms Harm once again, this time into a textural journey with an experimental groove that at times reminds us of early Nicolas Jaar material.

Fluctuate, a label mate to Axel Toben who saw his debut EP Storms Await Us All last year on Subtempo, lifts up the melodic tone of this record, introducing new elements and transforming the synth lines of Ionized into a piano-driven deep house beauty, with hints of Kiasmos, one of the artist’s biggest influences.

Continuing on that melodic tip, NUPOKE, through his signature progressive sound, takes Unique One to a beautiful house & dancefloor territory.

Leeward chops it up and adds some funk and bass to this mostly 4x4 record, while keeping that consistent melody line from Ionized artfully present, he manages to bring this tune to a hybrid space between bass, techno and breaks with an almost latin influence, sounding completely unique.

To close out, Soulart, known for his glitch-hop & bass sound moves us to a whole different landscape, transforming Faith Save while staying true to its melodies, to finish off this well-rounded remix project of friends new and old, and of whom we expect to see new individual projects in the near future on Subtempo.

Release Date September 4th, 2020


Mastering - Vincent Villius @ Ultimae Studios
Art direction - Rocco Tyndale


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